What does the Carbon Footprint mean?

Many people have asked how a country’s carbon footprint compares to the territorial emissions reported to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)?

In hindsight, it was perhaps remiss of us not to include this data in the paper. However, it was not our motivation.

Focusing on whether the emissions are bigger or smaller misses a large part of the story. The main focus of the paper is on what consumption categories cause emissions […]

News Stories on Carbon Footprint of Nations

A good week has gone since the release of the website and the online version of our article.

A number of news outlets picked up the story, including the venerable Neue Züricher Zeitung (Switzerland) and the tabloid VG (Norway). It was really interesting to discuss our research with numerous journalists and to see what they picked up. Here is some highlights.

  • Consumption as key driver for carbon footprints: Basically all stories emphasize the importance of […]

The importance of national carbon footprint accounting

Congratulations to Edgar Hertwich, Glen Peters and the NTNU team for presenting the ‘Carbon Footprint of Nations’ as a politically relevant way of accounting for greenhouse gas emissions, based on a sound methodology.

The publication and website comes at an important time – the decisive climate policy negotiations in Copenhagen are only half a year away – and it will be a useful input to this process. For both, producers and consumers, as individuals, companies […]

Welcome to the Carbon Footprint site!

We are excited about launching this web site. Many years of our research have gone into developing models and analyzing data on the connection of industrial production, consumption and environmental pressures.

Profound insights have been gained, and an approach has matured which we think is indispensible to address climate change and resource scarcity. Now, we feel that the world really should pay attention! We want to use this website to communicate our research findings to […]